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Giving you a voice. Enabling you to be heard

The Clarity Partnership is a network of individuals, families and professionals who celebrate diversity and want to share and explore solutions, strategies and ideas for enhancing life. It is evolving, interactive and inclusive. Janet and Murray O’Keefe are creating, empowering and inspiring a safe and healthful life for everyone around the world. We are motivated to help you connect by giving you a voice and enabling your voice to be heard.

Janet O’Keefe

Janet O’Keefe is an independent speech and language therapist with over 30 years experience who provides consultancy, training, therapy, assessment and expert witness services

SEN Revolution

SEN Revolution is a book, one day events, and online community of parents of children with special educational needs and the professionals who support them

Juice Plus

Juiceplus is nutrition from fruit, vegetables and berries backed by more than 30 clinical research studies